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Canada Expands 10-Day Passport Service: Seven New Locations Announced


Canada Expands 10-Day Passport Service with Seven New Locations


The Canadian government, in a bid to improve passport services for its citizens, has announced the opening of seven new 10-day passport service locations across the country. This move is a significant step towards ensuring that Canadians receive efficient and timely passport services, closer to their homes.

New Passport Service Locations

The seven new locations for the 10-day passport service are strategically spread across Canada. They include:

  1. Prince George, British Columbia
  2. Lac-Mégantic, Quebec
  3. Gaspé, Quebec
  4. Saint-Georges, Quebec
  5. Timmins, Ontario
  6. Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Quebec
  7. Dryden, Ontario

These locations were chosen to provide a wider reach of services, reducing wait times at passport offices and making it more convenient for Canadians to access passport services.


Improved Passport Delivery Standards

The addition of these new locations is not the only improvement in passport services. The Canadian government has also announced that the delivery of passports has returned to pre-pandemic levels, with no current backlogs. Service Canada is now exceeding its delivery standard for the majority of applications.

In fact, Service Canada has resumed delivering nearly all passports within the 10- and 20-day timeframe. Approximately 98% of passports are being issued within these service standards. With the opening of these new locations, there are now 20 Service Canada Centres across the country where Canadians can apply and receive their passport by mail within 10 business days.

Express and Urgent Pick-Up Services

While the 10-day passport service is a significant improvement, there are instances where Canadians may require a passport in less than 10 business days. For such urgent needs, Canadians are advised to visit a passport office that offers express or urgent pick-up service.

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The opening of seven new 10-day passport service locations is a testament to Canada’s commitment to providing efficient and convenient passport services to its citizens. With these new locations and improved service standards, Canadians can look forward to receiving their passports faster and closer to their homes.

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